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Corporate Culture


Discover the PUNCH Powerglide corporate culture.

PUNCH Powerglide is based on a vision, a mission and strong values shared across all its employees.

Vision of the PUNCH Group

PUNCH strives to be a leading supplier for the development, integration and manufacturing of competitive driveline and powertrain solutions.

Group vision

Our mission

We will contribute to the execution of the Punch Group Vision by:

•        being recognized as a strategic partner by our customers in the manufacture of transmission and components

•        ensuring the design, industrialization and production of innovative transmission solutions.

We will achieve our mission through the fundamental values of our company which are the implication and the motivation of our collaborators.

PUNCH Group's common values

To assure success, our dedicated team makes an agile, creative and entrepreneurial approach to achieve our goals as reflected in the group's essential values.

Punch group's common values