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Corporate Services

Corporate services of prime importance to PUNCH Powerglide's smooth running and development.

The support functions bring in genuine experts in their field. They are in constant contact with all the other professions and advise and support the operational teams of the industrial division and the development division. They uphold consistency and efficiency in the work of the manpower and therefore contribute to customer satisfaction and corporate economic performance.

  • Human resources
  • Purchasing
  • Finances
  • IT
  • Quality and Production Management System

The three Divisions and their missions

The functions of PUNCH Powerglide are spread over several divisions with duly distinct missions.

Development division :
  • to identify the future markets and customer requirements (products and services).
  • to develop and sell the expected products and services.
Industrial division :

To competitively industrialise and produce the products designed and developed by the Development Division or the client.

Corporate Services :
  • to support the Divisions.
  • to support the different business units of the Group.