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Dedicated Hybrid Transmission – DHT

Within the concept of Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) concept design, PUNCH Powerglide has already registered several patents.

The main drivers for the DHT and DHE (engines) drivetrains are to facilitate the reduction of the cost of specific sub-systems. For the same vehicle performance and with a reduction of emission level, the benefit of electric motor easily compensate de-content solutions applied to combustion engines and to transmissions. This is one of the logical next steps in order to improve affordability and thus allow an increased market penetration of these costly electrified drivetrain solutions.

DHT hybrid versions constitute a radical transformation of the transmission, bringing a new philosophy that permanently needs an electric power management. DHT transmissions driven by an internal combustion engine and an electric machine, offer multiple possibilities of running modes where the e-machine is used either as a generator or as a propulsion element.

Given the high costs of batteries - amongst others – the further improvement of efficiency (reduction of losses) in the DHT is one of the major key to success.