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Launch of the Peugeot Landtrek in Uruguay equipped with a 6L50 automatic transmission produced by PUNCH Powerglide

09 July 2021 - Events


The Peugeot Landtrek has been launched in Uruguay and will be available with a 6L50 gearbox produced by PUNCH Powerglide from 2022.

Mexico was the first country in Latin America where the Peugeot Landtrek has been launched in November 2020. Recently, the automatic version also became available in Mexico: Landtrek Allure Automática 4x2.

The Peugeot Landtrek offers reliability, ease of maintenance, real off-road capabilities and towing and loading performance.

Thanks to its remarkable styling, enhanced modularity and body size, it meets the expectations of its customers by offering body capacity, versatility and SUV-like comfort.