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Methods and Maintenance

This function is hinged around 4 major departments:

  • Industrial Methods

    The PUNCH Powerglide Industrial Methods incorporate the Lean Manufacturing principles right from the industrialisation phase of a new product. Our methods engineers and technicians identify the opportunities for possible improvements on the assembly lines and the machining cells and support the implementation of the necessary changes.

  • Production Methods

    The teams work in close collaboration with the engineers of the Development Division when developing new products in order to make them as efficiently industrialisable as possible.
    Upstream, they determine the production methods and tools, define the choice of production equipment required to execute our parts: gear, case, shaft, planetary carrier, pump body, valve plate.

    The use of a wide variety of simulation tools enables us to control the costs and quality levels. Example: Magmasoft, efficient tool in simulating the injection process of castings.

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Specialised in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics and control, the teams are tasked with optimum operation of the equipment and guarantee the required preventive and corrective maintenance operations.

  • Central Maintenance

    These teams perform the maintenance of the company's infrastructure and draw up the predictive maintenance plan beforehand (thermography, vibration analysis, etc.). They are in charge of grinding the cutting tools as well as the maintenance of the tooling and form tools. Our manpower also handles the installation and transfer of new equipment.

    The team in charge of environmental protection guides our company through its environmental approach. It ensures the installations are put into compliance and controls toxic discharges as well as waste management.

Launch of the 8-speed transmission production - rising up to the challenge within 18 months!

Within the scope of the 8-speed project, our Methods and Maintenance teams set up high-performance production processes and up-to-the-minute equipment. Our teams worked in close liaison with the Production and Quality Departments and successfully pulled off this challenge thanks to their high flying skills and professionalism.


Joévin L'hotellier