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Our vision: being recognised as a strategic partner by our clients in the production of transmissions and components.

PUNCH Powerglide does not only position itself as a first tier automotive supplier but also as an independent and strategic manufacturer to selected partners. PUNCH Group has extensive experience in developing partnerships intentionally focused on a long-term perspective and with common interests. For more than 50 years, the expertise of the Strasbourg site has enabled projects to be conceptualised and products to be industrialised.

Our partnership-oriented approach goes above and beyond conventional sub-contracting. The outreach may vary according to the degree of cooperation and investment. The cooperation may incorporate joint activities such as for instance the R&D, after-sales service or sales & marketing service functions. In terms of investment, PUNCH Powerglide has demonstrated its capacity to ensure substantial investments which is a distinctive asset of companies with a strong entrepreneurial culture. Our partners can thus benefit from a turn-key solution to acquire an additional production capacity.