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Presentation of the PUNCH hybrid transmission concept at the CTI Symposium in Berlin.

10 December 2014 - Events


The PUNCH hybrid transmission concept was presented at the Berlin CTI Symposium on December 10th in the presence of numerous car manufacturers and suppliers.

During the CTI Symposium in Berlin – Dec. 2014, Mr. Matthieu Rihn, Punch Powerglide Strasbourg R&D engineer and patent manager, presented the Punch hybrid transmission concept patented in June 2014. Compact and lightweight , this concept differs from the other market-based solutions by its modularity and its adaptability to a wide range of vehicles. 

The 13th CTI Symposium event was an excellent opportunity to introduce Punch Powerglide Strasbourg company on an international stage. The PUNCH hybrid transmission concept raised great interest among the representatives of the participating companies.