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In Strasbourg, PUNCH Powerglide produces 6 and 8-speed transmissions as well as automotive components. Over the decades the company has been successful in adapting to the technological changes and requirements of the market, always striving for customer excellence and satisfaction.

Automatic transmission production - genuine expertise!

This expertise is rooted in a multitude of professions and skills within the Production sector: machinists, assemblers, welders, moulders, workshop technicians, heat treatment operators. The manufacturing of our products integrates 4 major processes organised around the PMS system:

  • Aluminum high pressure die casting: The production operators perform the machining and finishing of the majority of the injected parts as well as the complete production of the main casing of the transmissions.
  • Machining: The machining experts shape the as-cast parts to the defined shapes and dimensions via a succession of machining operations.
  • Heat treatment: The production operators perform the heat treatment of certain machined parts in order to improve their strength.
  • Assembly: The assemblers assemble the different machined and purchased parts in order to deliver a tested transmission, ready to be assembled on our clients' vehicles.

All the stages are controlled by the production teams assisted by the support functions.

Expertise and precision - key skills for Premium products

In all the production sectors, our manpower demonstrates a high degree of responsiveness and flexibility in order to meet with the requirements of our clients.

With priority on quality, each end product is tested by us before being shipped and delivered to our clients to fit out high-end vehicles.

The team spirit and dedication in the participatory approaches contribute to optimised work organisation while having a positive impact on our quest for excellence which is a key requirement in the production of Premium products.