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Statement of the PUNCH Powerglide company about « Conflict Minerals »

PUNCH Powerglide aspires to get its raw materials from suppliers who respect its values and commitment to human rights, ethics and environmental issues.

In order to comply with the “Conflict Minerals” regulation (the “3TG” – tin, tungsten, tantalum – and gold), PUNCH Powerglide commits that each of its suppliers reports the sourcing of its minerals which are likely to be extracted in countries which do not respect the regulation ensuring the protection of minors in mines, or likely to finance the armed group (like in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjacent countries). This refers to the paragraph 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act.

As an international company, PUNCH Powerglide considers this new regulation to be a necessary challenge in order to obtain an ethical and sustainable supply and production. These minerals are indeed essential components for the manufacturing of our automatic transmissions. It is therefore our role to make our suppliers aware of our commitment.


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