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PUNCH Powerglide committed in an environmental protection initiative

Sustainable development

Since its creation, PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg (PPS) has been developing continuously and with the desire to be a "corporate citizen" integrated into its environment and the community. The development of its global offer, combined with that of its customer portfolio, constitutes its main growth strategy. This desire is integrated in a corporate culture that places social and environmental values at the heart of its activities. Preserving the environment is therefore a daily concern.

Environmental management

As early as the 1990s, PUNCH Powerglide set up an environmental management system, recognized through ISO 14001 certification since 1998. This management system identifies actual or potential environmental impacts and prioritizes them according to different parameters. To reduce these impacts, PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg has made the following environmental commitments:

  • Waste management

The company manages its waste through recycling and energy recovery of metals, paper/cardboard, wooden pallets... and thus contributes to the saving of natural resources. For non-recyclable waste, it reduces the use of these resources as much as possible.

For so-called hazardous waste (such as chemical waste), PUNCH Powerglide sorts and disposes of it by service providers approved by the authorities.

  • Controlling energy consumption

It is essential for PPS to control energy consumption in order to preserve the environment for future generations. This is why many actions have been implemented in order to reduce both electricity and natural gas consumption (monitoring consumption by sector, factory targets during weekends, energy saving awareness, internal audit, etc.).

  • Development of eco-friendly products

PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg is developing its products with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of the vehicles in which our transmissions are installed. Areas for improvement include the reduction of internal friction, hybridization and electrification.

  • Prevention of industrial risks

Industrial risks can affect the environment and the community, but also our coworkers. PUNCH Powerglide employees receive trainings adapted to the workstation on the risks involved, in order to guarantee their safety and avoid any accident.

  • Limiting and controlling CO2 emissions

An action plan has been put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 emissions can not be controlled without first carrying out a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment, which is a diagnostic tool that makes it possible to assess the sources of emissions and identify the most significant ones. The main CO2 emissions are related to our boiler room, the heat treatment furnaces and the test benches in the technical center. Our CO2 emissions for 2016 are 5,700 tons, and our actions to control energy consumption contribute to their reduction.

  • Commitment to the C.L.E.S. approach.

The Local and Environmental Cooperation in Synergies (C.L.E.S.) currently groups together 24 companies of the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg. Together, they are working on the implementation of identified synergies, which are energy, waste and organic matter.

PPS has committed itself to the territorial industrial ecology approach by signing the charters: paper-cardboard in 2015 and wooden pallets in 2017.

Find out more about the Port of Strasbourg's approach to industrial ecology


  • External Objectives

Continue our commitment to the C.L.E.S. (Local and Environmental Cooperation in Synergies) approach by always being a source of proposals in the different themes addressed.


Display PUNCH Powerglide's environmental policy

Display the CEPA regulatory table (Environmentally Classified Facility)

PUNCH Powerglide signed the charter "Paper-Cardboard: Roulez moins, recyclez dans le coin!"

PUNCH Powerglide signed the charter "Palettes : jetez moins, réparez dans le coin"

PUNCH Powerglide signed the charter "All united for more biodiversity in Strasbourg's Eurometropolis"


PUNCH Powerglide is committed to health and safety at work

PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg is committed to the health and safety at work of its employees. The defined objectives are part of a continuous improvement process of our Health and Safety management system in order to :

  • To offer healthy and safe working conditions in order to prevent work-related accidents and illnesses
  • Eliminate hazards, mitigate occupational health and safety risks.

All our actions and indicators are focused on shared vigilance and are certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard.


Ensuring safety for all

In concrete terms, this means initiatives and actions in the field, training as close as possible to each person's activities, measures to improve the ergonomics of workstations and preventive measures.


All players and vectors of safety

PPS complies with applicable legislation and regulations while informing, consulting and involving interested parties to promote dialogue with all.

Everyone is encouraged to develop the ability to act and intervene before an accident occurs and to react to a risk situation.