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PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg’s graduates

09 March 2016 - Events

10 collaborators from the first group successfully obtained their CQPM Usineur. During the diploma ceremony which took place on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, Arnaud Baïlo, PPS President, congratulated the new graduates.

PUNCH Powerglide started this training program in order to train 60 machining operators by mid-2016. This project was launched to respond to the increase of production volumes of the fabrication line of the new 8 speed transmission.

The CQPM Usineur was created within the firm in order to answer specifically the factory’s needs and to be sure that the expertise would be transmitted within the teams. A team of intern collaborators therefore defined the pedagogical content of the different sessions with the support of AFPI Alsace and UIMM Alsace.

There are 6 sessions in a year which are composed of theoretical classes and practical trainings and which will allow 60 collaborators to pass their qualifications. Some collaborators from the firm will manage these sessions and will become tutors for the trainees. They will therefore guide them and help them to make their project successful.

Punch Powerglide’s aim is to carry on the development of its collaborators’ capacities by increasing their employability thanks to qualifying training programs which are recognized by the State. 


Huber Felten, Marc Jaegle, Nadine Reimel, Emmanuel Rabolion, Ali Atouar, Christophe Lavigne
Thierry Trouiller, Eric Marant, Eric Klinger, Georges Martin.