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PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg’s new graduates

13 December 2016 - News

Several PUNCH Powerglide employees successfully obtained their CQPM Operator (Metallurgical qualification certificates with equal representation). During the diploma ceremony which took place on Monday, December 12th, Arnaud Baïlo, PPS President, warmly congratulated the new graduates and highlighted the efforts made by everyone during the training.

The experience, the skills acquired in the field and a presentation to a jury enabled them to validate their level of qualification.

This diploma, which is recognized by the State, was given to the graduates in attendance of Frédérique Dirian, in charge of Employment and Training at the Union of Industries and Trades of Metallurgy Alsace (UIMM), as well as tutors and trainers who helped them during their training.

The CQPM Operator was created within the firm in order to answer specifically the factory’s needs and to be sure that the expertise would be transmitted within the teams. A team of internal collaborators therefore defined the pedagogical content of the different sessions with the support of the AFPI* Alsace and UIMM Alsace.

For the year 2016, the CQPM Operator represents:

  • 6 training sessions
  • 100% success
  • 16,800 training hours
  • A global amount of 660,000 euros.

*Training organization

Congratulations to (from left to right):

At the front :  Jacky RUEBRECHT - Houa VANG - Arnaud MUNSCH - Isabelle HAUK - Christophe TRAPPLER - Raphaël MORO - Seeneevassen PAYEN - Dominique BLEUZET

At the back : Pascal WEBER - Eric DEBANDE - Alain VOLTZENVOGEL - Sébastien GRAFF - Bruno QUIRIN - Dominique TROTZIER - Serge CHEUTIN - Christophe ESQUIROL - El Haj NACHBA - Redouane NAJIB - Omar BILEM

Absents on the photo: Alain DELCROIX - Patrice FISCHER - Anthony KLUGE - Jean-Philippe KROENIG - Pascal MANGOT - Gilbert MARC - Pascal MARTIN - Daniel NOEPPEL - Daniel PERLES - Fabien VIERLING