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Research and Development

The PUNCH Powerglide Research & Development function designs and develops automatic transmissions for rear wheel-drive passenger vehicles.

Highly dedicated R&D teams

The automotive field is ever changing in order to comply with reducing its environmental impact as best as possible. In order to meet the demands of our markets, over one hundred engineers and technicians develop and incorporate new functions into our products. Research into new concepts of automatic transmissions adapted to vehicles of the future is a major focus of our innovation and growth strategy.

A plurality of resources and skills

Our transmissions are designed in close association with our clients and suppliers. PUNCH Powerglide R&D teams develop and optimise parts and sub-assemblies backed by a strong digital culture (CAE). Simultaneous engineering, supported by the use of a wide variety of simulation tools means costs and quality levels can be controlled. The automatic gearbox is a complex product which calls for a multitude of skills. Our engineers therefore work together to finalise a product which combines mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, electrical energy and embedded software.

From the design to the execution of a prototype

We have significant testing means enabling us to validate the production launch of new transmissions. Prototype gearboxes are tested on an electric bench or bench with combustion engine to compare the results from simulations with real measurements. Sturdiness and durability are also measured during this validation phase. The last tests are performed on the car.

If you wish to come on board with our innovative projects, please consult our job area.

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