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SAME - YUNNEI - Jiangxi Isuzu Engine cooperation

Within its strategy to become a leader in the integration and manufacture of competitive driveline solutions for its target markets, our development teams have worked on innovative solutions easy to be adapted to the needs of its existing and future clients.

Therefore, PUNCH Powerglide has designed a modular "PowerPack" (*) approach with some of China’s major engine manufacturers, namely Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors (SAME), Jiangxi ISUZU Engine and Kunming YUNNEI Power.

Each solution includes the assembly of a transmission with a ready-to-use engine (gasoline or diesel). This turnkey solution is turned to a large range of vehicle applications, including low volumes and therefore represents an excellent alternative in terms of "time to market" and budget as well as support, as PUNCH Powerglide and its partners assist clients upstream in the programme management (engine control management system, automatic transmission, etc.) up to the product production launch.

By way of this type of partnership, PUNCH has showcased its eagerness and ability to develop its strategic partner role with Chinese car manufacturers. Several Chinese manufacturers have already signed up to this win-win initiative and the first cars with our “PowerPack” are on the road.

(*) PowerPack = Powertrain of an automotive vehicle, the combination of the engine and the gearbox.

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-    Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors (SAME)

-    Jiangxi ISUZU Engine