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Training Services

Training is a vital lever in rolling out PUNCH Powerglide strategy and values. Customer excellence and satisfaction is based on the qualification, expertise and know-how of the manpower.​

Training and Skill management for optimized competitive edge and manpower employability

Our approach explicitly complies with a logic where training and skill management are essential elements to the competitiveness and the employability of manpower throughout their working lives.

Since its creation, PUNCH Powerglide has always invested in continuing vocational training and most particularly over the past 3 years in order to support the development of new business related to the production of its automatic transmissions.

PUNCH Training Services: PUNCH Powerglide training organisation

PUNCH Powerglide has created its own training organisation which:

  • offers qualifying training adapted to the requirements of its manpower
  • furthers the skills of its manpower via certified government-recognised training (CQPM - (on-the-job metallurgy training)). A recent large-scale training programme was drawn up internally for 60 operators in the machiner profession.