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Visit of Punch Powerglide Strasbourg by about 100 students at the occasion of the Industry’s Week

02 April 2015 - News

The company presented its plant, skills and its different activities on March 30-31 and April 2, 2015 to couple of students groups.

Jean-Louis Carballido (Director of the Project Cap PUNCH 2020), Benoit Patin (Quality Service Manager) and Jean-Claude ROOS (Quality Project Manager) have conducted several plant tours for three classes. Starting by the production workshops, they also visited the Research and Development Center. These visits were a good opportunity for students to become more familiar with the industrial sector, meet people with a rich professional career and discover the diversity of a company like Punch Powerglide Strasbourg.

The groups were very interested in the company, the technology of Punch Powerglide’s equipments and its manufacturing processes.

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